Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fatah, this is for you

Dear love,

             Sorry i made you worried so much since yesterday. Sorry i turned everything off. Sorry i cut off all connections that was the only chance you can get to me. I didnt mean to get us separated. But yesterday was a very hard day, maybe the toughest day in my 23 years of living. So I turned off everything in order to avoid my anger and my harsh words to "touch" u. I am very sorry dear. I love u so much ! And of course I miss u.

             Saya nak awak tahu, walaupun awak tak dgr suara saya, walaupun awak tak dapat SMS saya, walaupun awak tak dapat cari saya dalam FB, saya tak lupakan awak walau sesaat. Awak sentiasa dalam fikiran saya. Awak dah hidup subur dalam hati saya dan saya akan bawa awak ke mana pun saya pergi. Im always with u, u must know that. Terima kasih kerana sentiasa memahami dan tak pernah lupa untuk menyayangi saya. U means so much to me and u're the reason of my happiness.

Sayang awak bukan sampai mati, tapi sampai syurga.

                                                                                                                             Yang menyayangi,
                                                                                                                                  Your other half.


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The togetherness

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