Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Projek D.I.Y yang penuh dgn kasih sayang 1

What is D.I.Y stands for?

D : Do
I : It
Y : Yourself


Well. Things like DIY project usually start when people are out of budget but still want to do the things they planned.
So DIY project at this particular time is actually my plan B
Because my plan A ruined according to money-just-seems-so-jealous-so-they-refuse-to-get out-from-my-maybank-account. Huh.

Okeh. Back to my very DIY project
(Dont ever ever ever! expect this gonna be a huge and eyes catching product because u would be regret. Im not as good as an artist tho)
So I went to this particular shop spending my left back money *sob..sob...kering kontang
(You must at first assure that the shop isnt offer you a RM2 handkerchief and sells it at RM5 instead the nearby shop just sells it at RM 2)
So u guys just have to do some homework to compare and contrast whish shop offered you the better price
Nama pun DIY project kan, it should lessens your budget not multiplies it.
So guys , here it goes

I've spend on these 2 things and they're still in my budget
1) A pinky loving box
2) Paper straps (which actually we use it to do the paper stars)

Things i dont need buying
1) Pilot Black G3 pen
2) Scissors
3) A rounded-body ballpen (at this case I use kilomnetrico)
3) Sharpen pen (Its a brand)

Lets start !

(Korang..sesungguhnya sy tak amik pun any pictures while im doing it. Yang ada cuma pictures of the things i bought aje. huhu. Sorry)

the straps n the pen

showing off the pink plastic, the shop where i bought my DIY things

What it is eh?

Jeng. Jeng !

The DIY is on its way to meet my lovely Fatah in Malacca, The Historical Place. :)
Because at his very 24th birthday, Im not gonna make it to see him, so my DIY is replacing me and meet him on his lovely birth day.
Berharap moga perjalanannya baik-baik saja ^_^
Moga selamat sampai sayang
Have a safe journey
And ohh...please send my very beautiful regards to Fatah eh ^_^
Lotsa hugs and kisses xoxo :)

PS : Not satisfied of the pictures? Wait for my second entry kayh ! :)

To be continued...........


3 beautiful judges:

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

wah3~ kreatif!! nnti keen nk try la project nih.. hik3~ ^_^

btw, slmt berkenalan yep.. keen dh follow kamu~~ nk panggil pe ni?? ^_^

luvYOU said...


hye keen !!!
akhirnye keen smpai jga kat sni :)

sy dilla :)

ala keen...DIY kecik2 aje..huhu.
xde bajet. hehe

Abdul Fatah DK said...

syg..thnx :) dah agak...ok2...i'm going to call u right after (",)

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