Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To somebody that I care so much (2)

Dedicated to my Abdul Fatah bin Datuk Hj. Abdul Kadir

1st of all, I want to thank you so much
So much means like much much
Means like gile2 banyak lebih tinggi dari gunung2 yang ade kt dunia ni
Bcos of u i could smile like today
Saya dapat rase kasih sayang yang sy x penah dapat dari mana2 orang pun
Walaupun things get so hard lately, u with ur problems and me with my own study schedule, we still loves each other
Besides, our love grows day by day.
Thanx for making me smiles
Thans for making me happy
Thanx for never leave me as no matter hard u try to fix me and i keep arguing but u still there for me
Thanx sayang :)

Above of all, theres one thing i could say here but means so muchh
I LOVE YOU Fatah !!
I will always love u, i wont ever leave you, i wont ever hurt u
I want to be the queen of your heart...forever!

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