Friday, October 29, 2010

InsyaAllah. Everything will be okay

Malam yang meriah
At least ianya should be meriah sbb its my housemate's birthday, Nazdirah's big day
There's choc indulgence cake from Secret Recipe complete with one cute candle
There are 3 of us celebrating. Me, my rumate and Mek Lin
Venue is fantastic in Layar Seafood , Alor Setar
And of course there is Naz! our birthday girl


I am not happy enough
I pretend to admit everything is okayh
Like nothing is wrong with me
Like my life is complete
Like I am a Dilla. A girl who always happy and put everyone else infront rather than herself. Love to give surprises. Friendly and most important she never forget to see everything positively. She always smiles even when nothing is right everythng goes wrong.
Yeah. That Dilla is me.
Which supposed to be me.
But as for now I am not Dilla
Im a girl in gloomy land. She is pretending happy.

So thank you for everything
For u...
She loves u very much
Thats all.

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The togetherness

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