Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baru jeh delete entry

not less than 5 minutes just now ade berbalas msg dgn cik Fatah:)
and i told him i was looking at some articles to be put in this blog
as i had already paste  2 very long entry which about one story i had read about at this one website
and without thinking twice i deleted those 2 really long entry ...
bcos Fatah said

Sayang, saya xkan baca post yang saya tahu its a copy-pasted post. Its better kalau itu adalah tulisan nukilan dari diri awk sndri. Lagipun, its wat a blog should be kan?

ookeh. done sayang !
i just deleted 2 entries. Letih juga edit entry td tuh.
Tp wat fatah said is really can be accepted.
who the hell on earth nak baca such a long novel-like entry kan.
Thanx Fatah for the advises.
Love u lots.

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