Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Someone have questioned me before
"Do u ever felt being controlled?"

And I said

Now..i am thinking back
"Am I?"

Someone ever asked me this question
"How far do u think u will sacrifice on someone?"

And I said
"Just everything" (without clear approval)

But now
"I will do everything. And yet i have deleted 2 of my entry post and 1 of my FB status which i never done it before" (thats so clear that i willing to do something that all of these years i really avoid from doing it just because he asked me to do so for only once!)

Oh god.
Am i sacrificing?
or my life started being controlled?

Dont care lah.
As long as he loves me..tutup mate jelah kan..
Put aside all those bad feelings
and tingkatkan prestasi dan persefahaman dalam hubungan.
Good luck Dilla.
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