Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The BF list

 The boyfriend list

• He listens when I talk, maybe sebab 'tak baik menyampuk orang tua bercakap'
• He is not perfect but he's perfect enough for me.
• He calls me cute, sweet, and beautiful, comel, lawa dan sebagainya. (lebih lebih sudah)
• He has a way of saying my name that just seems perfect
• He is protective, and treats me like I am something to be taken care of
• He seldom (lebih kepada tidak pernah) offers to carry my handbag, but willing to if I ask. TQ
• He doesn’t mind I tag him on my photo dekat facebook.
• He doesn’t see me as boring
• I don’t need to be totally dressed up with perfect make up for him.
• He sees me as a friend too
• He can be serious and playful
• He adds little smiley faces at the end of sentences
• He remembers my birthday, anniversaries, monthsary.
• When we get in fights, I realize that there is something missing without him

I have a boyfriend and he is perfectly imperfect, just the way I love him. He doesn't fit the "traditional fairy-tale perfect prince charming"  and that just makes him all the more wonderful. Also, I think that guys would like this as well. Women always complain about men not having their perfect dream qualities. But when you look at them, it's pretty unrealistic to expect a man to be that way all the time. So here's for you imperfect guys and girls who would rather love an imperfect man, and of course for my own imperfect sweetheart. Love you Fatah :)

Hi Handsome! Assalamualaikum..
You do not have to buy me gifts to keep me happy.
I don't need the world when I have you. If you do get me something, I'd much rather have something that you made yourself. I don't care how cheesy it is, it's the thought that counts and you can be sure I'll keep it safe.

You don't have to answer back to every single one of my messages.
I know I can annoy you, I know you may be busy, and I know you get distracted or forget. It's okay!

You don't have to feel bad if another girl catches your eye.
Some girls are pretty damn hot, and your manly instincts tell you to admire that hotness. I know that just because you look at another girl doesn't mean you don't want or love me. But I'll admit, I may get a little
jealous sometimes. That's just my womanly instincts I suppose.

You can be honest with me.
If  my cooking isn't good, that thing I did made you upset, you don't want to see that movie, or if you'd rather have blue than pink, Tell me!

You don't have to just call me "beautiful".
I know that already, but still, you have to call me cute. enough. HAHA

You can't talk about your ex. PANTANG.
Ini tidak boleh. You've already told me that you're over her, and I can see it myself.

You can make mistakes.
I still love you with all my heart.

You are my gentleman all the time.

You don't have to take me out to somewhere fancy and expensive for a nice date.
If we do go out, I'd love to help pay the bill however. You don't have to buy everything all the time. Also, I'm perfectly fine having our own little date in the gerai tepi jalan. :-)

You don't have to model yourself after a fictional person.
I want you babe, and nobody else. Those guys? They're imaginary for a reason..Sheikh Muzafar? no need.. HAHA.

You don't have to be perfect
For me to love you.

2 beautiful judges:

Ariko said...

bestlaa belog kamu dilla...hehe best sgt222 your entry....thx beb!

luvYOU said...

wanie syg!!!
thanx thanx!!
mmuah :D

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