Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sudah cuba tapi masih sakit


Hye guys

Baru blk dr tgk wayang the Perfect Wedding.

Lok Yan (Miriam Yeung) meets a young attorney, Fung (Raymond Lam), and they spend a passionate night together in a hotel – with no plans to never meet again. Fate brings them together, they face and overcome many challenges and begin to feel affection for each other. But love is never simple – especially for Yan whose four close girlfriends do not approve of her relationship with Fung because they think he is too young for her. Yan further complicates the situation by keeping Fung at a distance because of the painful memories of her failed relationships.

Cerita nih agak best berbanding Cuti2 Cinta
(tak tgk pun cte nih tp dh bole agak isi stereotype malay movie) 
Tapi dalam panggung tadi, sikit pun tak dapat tumpu pd wayang
Adelah tumpuan sejam pertama and sejam seterusnya memang melayang layang
Masa part sedih tuh, mmg bergenang-genang air mata nih
Bukan pd cite nih, tp pada nasib diri
Kami gaduh lagi
Yes. Sy yang salah sbb kua tgk wayang dan dia tak suka
I admit its my mistake
Tapi, apa salahnya sy tgk wayang?
Salah ke sy nak cari fun for my own good
Selama nih I live my life and i am happy by doing all of these activity
Dan sy tak buat perkara yang tak senonoh, bukan g tempat-tempat yg lagha mcm club
and i dont date boys except my boyfriend
Sy sedang stress dgn exam and my revision, so its my own way to lessen it.
So besar sgt ke kesalahan sy until you blame me like its an huge mistakes.
At this hard time, what i need most is YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR UNDERSTANDING, AND YOUR GIGGLES

I know, whatever I may say, it will only be intepreted as ARGUE
While im actually EXPLAINING
Because of one thing, one thing that live inside me
Its YOU.

PS : saya akan bertahan..selagi saya mampu. InsyaAllah

2 beautiful judges:

cik nurulain said...

fadh, apa ni? tak rock ah tme exam gado. alah fatah, dia tgk wayang je. no harm what?

luvYOU said...

hye ain :)
hurm..bkn sengaja gaduh pun masa nih
Dila sgt2 stress la
selalunya mmg dila akn pujuk
but this tym i guess i let it be
dila nk tumpu pd exam dulu
kalau ade jodoh dila i will accept
things getting harder now ain

well.,.thanx sbb walking thru my blog :)
good luck tau!
study elok2 eh

The togetherness

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