Monday, September 6, 2010

Bday Surprise ! I love you !

Oh. oh.
Ade bende yg sgt2 best nk cte kt kamu blogy
Sy celebrate bday ngn fatah
and ain (my bestfren ever~)
and oh god..fatah mmg sgt sweet!
1st, he surprised me with a rose !
and more he surprised me with a chocolate cheesecake!
sumenye die buat dgn xterduga
mmg sgt2 suprise
sy menggigil and happy xtau nk kate bile fatah buat mcm nih...
Thank u sayangg!!!!!!!!

 ------- cerita tentang surprise2 fatah and ain akan diceritakan selepas ini ------

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Cerita Chocolate Cheesecake

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