Saturday, September 11, 2010


All the time
things will just happen like this
Im the one who have to hold on to everything
I dont know
People seems never learnt to care about my feeling
Is it me to be blamed?
Or isit just me who people like to step their feet on ..
Im tired
People used to say they love me
But they actually dont
Im the one who can love everybody like the way they wanted
But they never care about what i want it to be..
I dont want to sacrifice no more
But yet i dont know how to stop being a candle to light everybody's life..
I dont know how to say " i hate u being like this to me"
or " hey, u hurt me"
I dont know how to excuse myself from being hurt
I just not yet learn how to hurt people
What i know is to make them smile
While i cry all night long
And yes, i am in pain..
I know i dont want to do this anymore
But someone might not be happy
And that someone is maybe one day is going to be my other half
So just swallow, digest and flush it in the toilet..
Problems come and go
That's normal
Its life...

PS : Malam nih mmg terasa sedih sgt. Malas betul nak komen2 or tulis2 ape2 lagi kt wall org lain. Kite jugak yg sedih nanti. Bahasa mencerminkan personaliti. I believe that :)

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