Saturday, September 18, 2010

Entah kenapa..

Entah kenapa..
Rasa berat sgt.
Just do it Dilla.
Its the best for you.
Lagipun..for all these years akhirnya uve got wat u want
U ask for rain but God gives u rainbow..
Its prettier
and its better..
Uve got more than u ever wanted..

I love u Fatah.

Even its something there tellling me and asking either this gonna be long..
tapi sy tahu awak akan jaga saya sebaiknya
Xkan buat sy jatuh mcm pengalaman2 seblum ini.
Ive already giving up..
Tapi sbb kesungguhan awak..
Ill try to do the best i could..

I hope this would be the last.
Tired of always being hurt

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The togetherness

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