Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Between

Ive got this confession
Where ive got this two guys in the line
Which one should i pick for my happiness
One is a man that is already listed as "silent boyfriend"
and the other one is really2 nice to me and i found beautiful in him...but hes just one of my bestfriend

This silent boyfriend of mine
Hes officially is my boyfriend
But never been there for me whenever i needed
and yet we just realized that both of us doesnt fit to each other
We just keep on holding in to this relationship

And this my very bestfriend
Hes always there
To hear me cry
To talk to me and lullaby my sleep at night
To comfort me when i get cold
To sing with me when im down
Hes just too care
And he never left me...

So im in dilemma
Which one should i go for
Cannot go for both
Not fair for each one...

Ya Allah...
berikanlah jalan...
or else i dont need to pick any of them
just pick one out of another million guys...

So in dilemma.... -__- !

2 beautiful judges:

nieja said...

hm.. kalau i.. i pilih
bestfriend kot

luvYOU said...

nieja : yup
i mmg pilih die pon nieja
u pon knal die :)
die sgt baik

The togetherness

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