Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its been like years.. or did I ?

I guess i am abit late to tell u bloggy
that I have gone 1 year in relationship with my dearest Fatah
Yeah.. tak sangka dah setahun..
because I still feel like yesterday we just started the 1st conversation and say love:).

What do you get for your 1st anniversary?

Well..since our 1st anni falls on fasting month, so what can we do is finding good place to break the fast together.
We dont want to have wayang kat taman ke..because it is fasting month.
No matter what, we have to RESPECT THE MONTH :). Bulan yang penuh dengan BARAKAH :))
So I drove off to Malacca and stayed at my friend's house at Parit Melana and Fatah will pick me up there and brought me somewhere to eat.

Is that is? Only that?

Not only that actually.. We planned to break fast together for twice so the second time would be at my place at Putrajaya.
But we didnt pick any date yet as Fatah has business to run in Bazar Ramadhan so we have some problems about picking a date.
And yeah, I did gave him a keychain with my name on it and a cellphone kit with his name on it.
Both are HANDMADE :).
I sewed them myself okeh (dibawah jagaan & tunjuk ajar kawan yang profesional lah. hehe)

Do you have any pictures of your 1st anniversary celebration?

Yeah, I did. I upload okeh bloggy :).

Hahahahaha. Kedai biasa-biasa jeh. Tapi outfit bajet Fatah bawak pegi makan hotel.
Huhu. I am just ready with the outfit.
Kate pun he wanna give me surprise, so I guess its really a surprise lah XD
Tapi kan..the food is seriously SURPRISING !! Sumpah sedap! :D
Thank you Fatah :)

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