Thursday, September 15, 2011

Motivasi menghadapi masalah cara sendiri ;)

Problems may rise and faded and rise again someday and faded the other day....
These are some of my OWN problems in MY LIFE which always rise and faded and ways how turn it into better ;) (atleast i feel its better and if you dont, save it to yourself. XD)

These are some of the examples of MINE. (thank you for stalking how big my problems is. hehe :P)

1) Life isnt always beautiful..

2) I am not always at the top ..

3) Friends ....(sighing).... is like those type of ordinary people u met at malls (sulking face)

4) I dont have to sacrifice so much for all those people I loved when they doesnt

5) I was so pathetic! Why is this happen to me ????

but above all, we should be optimists :)
NOT sometimes, ALWAYYYYSSSS be optimists and please stay out of being pessimists. not good!

1) life isnt always beautiful, yes it is, BUT it has PERFECTLY drawn by THE Almighty God. Kalau semuanya DIA lakar cantik, life must be so boring, so lame, so plain. Because usually we learn something from mistakes, we learn from bad experiences, we learn how to drive the car our daddy's style perfectly because we had gone into accident 5 times before we did well. Thats how LIFE TEACHES US ;)

2) you're not always the top, because you might falling down and knocked your head hard. Maksudnya bila kita sentiasa kat atas, kita mungkin akan lupa daratan,lupa asal-usul kita,boleh jadi lupa mak ayah kita and macam-macam perkara yang lebih teruk akan terjadi. So tuhan bg kita merasa duduk bawah sekali sekala supaya bila kita kat atas, kita sentiasa ingat perkara-perkara di bawah and supaya kita ingat tuhan selalu. PS: Allah suka sangat kalau kita selalu ingat DIA :).

3) friends is like those type ordinary people u met at malls. Yes, IF ONLY they really those people u met at malls. you see them now while shopping and a minute later u dont. geesh. FRIENDS is when you meet someone and shake hands while introducing your name and automatically they will got into your friendlist. Either they are bad or pretty bad or not bad at all,they are your friends that you neither like it or not,you have to take care of their feelings. thats it.

4) you dont have to sacrifice so much for all those people you loved when they OBVIOUSLY never care at all. At this level, you can decide either you still wanna let your friends be at your normal friendlist or you can move it into the folder named "less care,less talk,less share". LOL. Tapi seriously cara ini memang berguna. Instead of deleting them forever or turning them into enemies, this "less care,less talk,less share" folder way is better;). You can change your life into better way through the better way ;).

5) I was so pathetic! Biasanya perasaan ini hanya last long not over 5 minutes. Biasanya bila I was being cheated or someone gotten me into troubles or something that turns my moood into the green mood (marah,sedih,kecewa). Apa yang saya buat ialah letak tepi kejap masalah tu, tarik nafas, fikir yang indah-indah which is selalunya sy online jeh tengok website-website best and poof! perlahan-perlahan sy lupa yang sy tengah marah. PS: jangan lupa ingat pada ALLAH jugak okeh ;).

So diharapkan cara saya yang tersendiri ini tak buat korg rasa mcm korg pulak yg pathetic baca entry ni. hehehe XD.


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