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The story of a great weekend : Kirkby College, Cyberjaya. (English FUN DAY!)

Saturday, 12th Nov 2011

    Its 8 o'clock in the morning. And yeah, tertinggal Subuh lagi. Bila weekend kat Putrajaya je sure terlajak-lajak Subuh. Masa nilah terfikir how great you have mum in the house (huu..rindu mak.uhuk2). Pukul 9 am kena pergi Kirkby College, Cyberjaya..ada FUN ENGLISH WORKSHOP. and its really FUN !! Sume speakers are from the overseas. Mr.Larry from US (I guess based on his American-English accent), Mrs.Judy from UK (I can guess through her very strong British accent) Fuh, I nearly cannot understand what is she saying when she says it fast, Mrs.Christina, Mr.Bug (not his real name, i write him bug because he uses a doll named bug in his activity) and others. 

   During the programme, we did alot of FUN ENGLISH activities. The purpose of this workshop is for us,the English teachers, to teach English in a fun way so pupils enjoy learning and makes them to love English so they can be more confidence to speak using the language. Ada macam-macam aktiviti during the programme cthnya masa mula program we do a circle and buat aktiviti spelling bee. Which means setiap seorang sambung ayat dengan guna satu perkataan je yg dimulakan dgn perkataan "yesterday".

And second we do activity "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar".
A: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Was it you? (pointing at someone)
B : Who? Me?
All : Yes you!
B : No! It wasnt me. Was it you? (pointing at somebody else)
C: Who? Me?
All : Yes you!
C : Yes, its was me. Because I was very hungry. So I stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

   And the most exciting activity in the circle is the one whch nak sama macam acara rebut kerusi but we do it differently. Cthnya dalam group kitorg ada 15 org and we pulled out one chair so it was 14 chairs with 15 people in the circle. Sorg akan berdiri kat tengah-tengah circle and ckp "Who loves nasi lemak, please exchange sits". So those who'd love nasi lemak akan exchange sits including dia yg berdiri kat tengah-tengah tu. Nak elak penipuan, kita boleh buat soalan yang sumeorang kena bangun cthnya :

" Who think this is correct, please exchange sits. We start with PAST TENSE"
She sits on the chair (Should be no one exchanging sits)
She stole the chair (Should be everyone exchanging sits)

or else kita boleh tanya tentang Prepositions

" Who think this is correct, please exchange sits. Its PREPOSITIONS"
The book is on the table (teacher letak buku atas meja)
The pencil is under the chair (teacher letak pensel atas meja) - No one should exchange sits

And we can do it as a learning process to see which pupils are weak in Grammar, or vocabulary, or prepositions and so on. The funny part during this activity is Mumu jatuh sebab berlaga punggung dgn other person in our group. Haha. Kalau cikgu pun boleh eksiden, bayangkanlah kalau kita buat dengan budak, Its sure FUN!! XD

And we have our teatime at 10am. After the teatime we do activity using station. Each of us are provided a number tag during registration and group is according to the number tag given. So my group is the 8th group. the 1st station we have is the POEM station. We learnt to do a simple and easy poem using the picture. Ive got the picture of a leaf. So we have to write out all the thoughts of a leaf. Eg the colour, green when its still fresh, brown when its autumn, dark brown when its dying. The shape of a leaf, the various of shapes. The size of the leaf and so on. So we create a poem using all the characteristics we have listed. eg : When I am happy in the sunny, I am green. When I am gloomy and its the autumn, Im turned brown. I have various shapes, sometimes its heart-shapes, sometimes its just like the shape of a needle.

2nd station is when we do the information gap. It was conducted by Larry. We have to discover what are in the shopping list by asking to the other person.

The 3rd station is Mr.Bug station. He gave each of us one card and on the card is various of words. Like mine, I only have the word HORRIBLE. But some of us have longer words like "excuse me, are you Ali?". And there are 2 people that have the same cards. Included in the activity is doll named BUG. Each of us will whisper to the doll and the doll pretend to say the word that we have using konon-konon cartoon's voice. So we can hear everyone saying their words. Mr.Bug then throw the doll to one of us and we have to act the word out so other people can guess what word that we have. Those who get the answer get a M&M's chocolate. And the doll thrown to other people in random.

The 4th station is Mrs Christina's class. We learn how to teach phonics and phonetics to pupils in an easy way. Setiap sorg akan dapat group of cards yang setiapnya ada alphabets yang di gantung pada satu ring and Christine panggil dia FAN (sbb bentuk dia mcm fan). Huruf pada FAN dibina sikit demi sikit ikut syllabus, cthnya minggu ni blajar huruf S,F and D je, so hanya ada 3 huruf ni jeh pada FAN tu. 1st activity ialah Christine bunyikan bunyi huruf and we show Christine the alphabet. Consonants all satu warna, vowels all satu warna. And ada jugak dalam FAN tu double alphabet cthnya ss,ch,th,sh and so on (based on the syllabus). And boleh jugak buat the other way cthnya Christine says chalk, so we shows Christine the C and CH. And another thing that we can do using the card is says the word BUS and we show the card of B, U and S in correct order.

The 5th station is conducted by Judy (the British lady). We play games like Uno Card. Ada dadu, ada papan game which have vowels on them, and ada bunch of cards on the board. Each player will have 5 cards each. In all the cards are words that have the vowel sounds. Permainan bermula dengan membaling dadu and gerakkan object atas board ikut bape banyak number atas dadu. And bila kita stop atas huruf o, kita check our cards yg ada words that have the 'o' sound. Kalau ada, kita kuarkan dari 5 card yg kita ada and game diteruskan, tapi kalau takde card tu, kita kena amik card atas board and game pun diteruskan dgn next player. Those who tend to finish all the cards first is the winner.

After all 5 mission is accomplished, we have our lunch altogether with the speakers. After lunch, Judy teach us how to do the Jazz Chants as easy as ABC. With the 2,3,1 bits, a good Jazz Chant created! We pick a topic such as FRUITS and we altogether lists out all the fruits we know. After we finish listing out, we sorted them into the bits. Eg : Ba Na Na (3 bits). Man Go (2 bits), Pear (1 bit). So it will be

Mango, Bananan, Pear (clap)
Mango Banana, Pear (clap)
Mango, Banan, Mango Banana,
Mango, Banana, Pear (clap)

After that we have to create the jazz chant on our own. We are divided into the group of 3. My group have done something different which we didnt use clapping as the fun part, we act out the things we say. Our topic is AROUND PLACES.

Market, Hospital, Bank
Market, Hospital, Bank
Market, Hospital, Market, Hospital
Market, Hospital, Bank

When we say Market, we do gaya like holding a basket
When we say Hospital, we do gaya the hand on the forehead (mcm demam)
When we say Bank, we do gaya pegang duit.

So because of the difference-ness, we got the loudest clap from all.
(and i like it so much *boleh bangga kejap*)

So the last activity is to check our general knowledge.
There are 20 questions given in random such as what is Pi mai Pi mai Tang tu means in English? What is 10 kupang? When you purchase 4 D's number, who do you consult? What is on TV at 8 pm? What is putu mayam in English? What is the cultural food for Kelantanese? and so on.
Group which has the highest marks, will got a chocolate bar. huu.

Finally the programme stops at 2.30 pm. And yes, we have such a great fun today! and yes we wanna do it again if theres a chance.
Thank you to all the very patient speakers.
You guys ROCK!! Seriously.

OK. till then.

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