Wednesday, June 17, 2009

jalan2 cari KFC

today my cuz, the super gorgeous myzan came to my house.
and so around 11 am i drive towards KFC and we had our lunch there (wif som annoying customer servicer.huh..) so we planned to eat 2 sets of snack plates but so unfortunate of us because of their bloody-simple reason which mashed potato wasnt available!..wat??hows dat be??..never heard such thing!.. weirdoss..
if really wasnt yesterday we already had step in "lunching" in McD ( it soo much!) must be today i drove off there.huh.

the bestest part to be said is I TREAT HER LUNCH for yesterday's meal and today's "un-satisfied' meal (saying like i have bunch coins in my pocket but actually none of them are left now..sob*sob*...and i am broke!)

2 beautiful judges:

miss1904 said...

not to worry..
after diz..
there will be a lot of coins not only in ur pocket..~
hee~i'm crapping..juz ignore me~

luvYOU said...

hehhe....yela...cane nk jana syiling kalau syiling masuk tangki minyak eden epe..atoyaii

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